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Los Suenos and Quepos Fishing

Costa Rica is one of the most popular sport fishing destinations in the world because there are fish in season all year round. Any time is a good time to visit Costa Rica! You can also plan your visit to target specific fish during the peak season for that species, including sailfish, marlin, tuna, dorado, and much more. Contact Chaser Sport Fishing today to plan your dream Costa Rica sport fishing vacation!

Fish Costa Rica

Marlin Fishing Quepos Costa RicaMarlin: Blue Marlin swim the azure waters off the coast of Quepos all year round, but they are most abundant in April through June and October through December. The Black Marlin season peaks in October, November and December.


Sailfish Fishing Quepos Costa RicaSailfish:  Sailfish are blue and grey in color, and are one of the fastest fish in the ocean – able to swim at speeds of up to 50 knots. The sailfishing season runs from December to May, and the average sailfishing catch is 5 to 25 fish per boat per day.


Dorado Fishing Quepos Costa RicaDorado: Dorado are abundant in the area and can be caught any day of the year, but the peak seasons for this spectacular fish run from October through March and January through December.


Yellow Fin Tuna Fishing Quepos Costa RicaYellow Fin Tuna: The Yellow Fin Tuna that inhabit our waters can be very large - weighing up to 300 pounds. There is no peak season for this magnificent species, as they are abundant throughout the year.


Rooster Fish Quepos Costa RicaRooster Fish: The great Rooster Fish is the most commonly targeted species for inshore fishing. Weighing up to 60 pounds, these fish are abundant in the Quepos area and can be targeted all year round. The peak season runs from July through September.


Snapper Fishing Quepos Costa RicaSnapper: Quepos is home to several different varieties of Snapper, including Red Snapper and Cubera Snapper. These beauties average about 15 to 20 pounds each, but have been known to grow to 70 pounds. The peak season for Snapper runs from July through December each year.


Wahoo Fishing Quepos Costa RicaWahoo: The Wahoo can be found in the warm waters off the coast of Quepos all year round, but they are not an abundant species. Wahoo fishing is popular among sports fishermen, as the speed and power of this fish makes it a thrill to catch. There is no peak season for Wahoo.

Fish Off ShoreJan-Feb-MarApr-May-JunJul-Aug-SepOct-Nov-Dec
Black Marlin Fair Good Good Excellent
Blue Marlin Fair Good Fair Good
Sailfish Excellent Good + Good Excellent
Dorado Excellent Good + Good Excellent
Yellow Fin Tuna Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Wahoo Good Good Good Fair


Fish In ShoreJan-Feb-MarApr-May-JunJul-Aug-SepOct-Nov-Dec
Roosterfish Good Good Excellent Fair
Snapper Fair Good Excellent Excellent
Snook Good Good Good Good