Enjoy the Costa Rica Fishing Season Year Round

If you have a passion for fishing, you may want to book your next sport fishing trip in a place where the fishing season lasts all year long, a place like Costa Rica. That’s right, the Costa Rica fishing season lasts the entire year. There are, however, certain fish that peak during specific months of the year. Planning your vacation around which type of fish you are interested in targeting is the key to a successful and memorable trip. Whether you are looking to catch the regal marlin or unique Wahoo, you can find an abundance of fish in the beautiful waters off Costa Rica.

Year Round

Although some species of fish can be a challenge to catch, they offer avid fisherman the exhilaration they are looking for during the year-round Costa Rica fishing season. No matter what time of year you happen to visit Costa Rica, you can plan on these fish being ready for the hook:

  • Yellow Fin Tuna
  • Snook
  • Wahoo
  • Dorado


Depending on their migration and mating patterns, the following types of fish are more abundant during specific times of the year:

  • Marlin: You have a good chance of catching marlin April-June, and an excellent chance during the months of October-December.
  • Sailfish: Mostly year round, but with peak months of January-March and October-December.
  • Roosterfish: Peak season is July-September
  • Snapper: The best time to fish for snapper is between July-December.

Regardless of the time of year you decide to visit Costa Rica, you will enjoy a fishing paradise. Contact us here at Chaser Sport Fishing and to book your trip for a fishing vacation at any time of year, and take advantage of the year-round Costa Rica fishing season today.