Best Locations for Your Costa Rica Fishing Trip

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most popular destination fishing spots. The waters surrounding and throughout this Central American country offer a diverse, plentiful fish population all year round. When you’re planning your Costa Rica fishing trip, consider the type of fish you’d like to target to help you determine the best place to visit.

The Caribbean Coast

The most commonly sought-after fish along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica are tarpon and snook. Both species of fish can be found on the east coast throughout the year, but the Tarpon season typically peaks from about December through the middle of May. The snook are more prevalent between September and November. The area’s fishing can be highly dependent on the weather. Usually beginning in about mid-May, the rainy season tends to slow the fishing action down.

The Pacific Coast

Many popular game fish are prevalent along Costa Rica’s west coast. The Pacific coast’s waters are home to Dorado, Marlin, Rooster Fish, Sailfish, Snook, Tuna and Wahoo. Most of these species can be found in the area all throughout the year with varying peak seasons when they become even more plentiful.

Inland Destinations

Located at the base of Arenal Volcano, Lake Arenal is one of the most popular inland fishing spots in Costa Rica. The largest lake in Costa Rica, it’s about a four-hour drive from the capitol city of San José. Lake Arenal is a prime location for fishing Rainbow Bass or Guapote.

Another popular Costa Rica fishing trip is going from Los Chiles up the Río Frío to where it meets the San Juan River and the Caño Negro Lagoon. The largest Tarpon in Costa Rica can be found in Caño Negro, an inland lake that is also loaded with Guapote, Drum, Snook and more.

Regardless or your chosen destination in Costa Rica, you're sure to find ample opportunity for a great fishing adventure. Let Chaser Sport Fishing help find the type of fish you're hoping to catch and guide you to the best locations for your next fishing getaway here in beautiful Costa Rica.