Costa Rica Fishing Trips Put You Where the Action Is

Costa Rica is renowned for its biological diversity, both on land and in the water. Many of the most popular species of big game fish live in the coastal waters and open ocean off the shores of Costa Rica. Costa Rica fishing trips are a great way to see and catch some of these much sought-after species.

A Sport Fisherman’s Dream

The sport fishing agencies in Costa Rica abide by the country's strict catch-and-release policy. This policy ensures that ample fish populations will always be part of the island’s rich ecosystems. This policy has also helped to establish Costa Rica fishing trips as some of the finest in the world. Species of sport fish exist in the waters of Costa Rica in concentrations greater than many other places on earth.

The Right Time, the Right Place

Different fish species are most populous at different times of the year and in different ocean habitats. If you know what kind of fishing you want to do, you can plan your trip accordingly.

  • Offshore waters are where the marlin, sailfish, tuna, and dorado can be found. Black marlin are abundant in October through December; blue marlin can be caught year-round and in April through June and October through December in particular. Sailfish season lasts from December to May. Peak dorado season lasts from October to March; tuna are numerous throughout the year.

  • Inshore fishing trips stick close to the coast where warm waters are filled with wahoo, red snapper, cubera snapper, and the great rooster fish. Snapper season lasts from July until December. Rooster fish can be caught all year round and especially from July to September. Wahoo can be caught at any time of year.

Costa Rica fishing trips are popular with anglers the world over. You can experience for yourself what makes this destination so exceptional.