Finding Paradise with a Costa Rica Fishing Vacation

Costa Rica Fishing VacationJust as a trip to Disneyland would be disappointing if you did not see Mickey Mouse, a fishing vacation with no fish can be a bitter experience. However, if you book a Costa Rica fishing vacation, you might find yourself in the happiest place on the ocean.

Located in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica offers miles of pristine coastline on both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. In addition, both rivers and inland lakes provide the angling enthusiast with a plethora of fishing opportunities – and fish. Popular varieties of fish include marlin, yellow fin tuna, sailfish, grouper, mackerel, red snapper, jackfish, dorado, cubera snapper, snook, wahoo and many more. Most fishing companies in Costa Rica have a firm catch-and-release policy, meaning that the fish remain plentiful and easy to find.

A Costa Rica fishing vacation can be tailored to meet your needs. Fishing trips can vary in duration from half a day to a full day, overnight, or multi-day trips depending on what you want to experience and where you want to go. With nearby islands, the seaside town of Quepos which features the Marina Pez Vela, majestic volcanoes and the Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica offers numerous stunning backdrops for your fishing experience.

One of the most appealing aspects of a Costa Rica fishing vacation is that there are fish in season throughout the year. However, there are times when a particular species of fish will be more abundant and you may want to target your vacation around those months. For example, blue marlin is most abundant April through June and October through December. Whenever you choose to go, you will not be disappointed by the variety of fish waiting for you in Costa Rica. Contact Chaser Sport Fishing to book your next Costa Rica fishing vacation!