The Best Seasons for Costa Rica Inshore and Offshore Fishing

Costa Rica Inshore and Offshore FishingWhen it comes to sport fishing, Costa Rica inshore and offshore fishing is among the best in the world. That is due to the wide array of fish that are plentiful in the waters in and around Costa Rica. Depending on the season, you may find a variety of different species and sizes of fish – anything from Marlin to Snapper. Many species of fish that call the waters off the shores of Costa Rica home can be found throughout the year, but if you want to target a particular species, then you’ll want to make sure you plan your trip during the peak season for that fish. Use this guide to help you plan your next Costa Rica inshore and offshore fishing trips:

Offshore Fishing

  • Black Marlin – The best season for this catching this fish runs between October and December.
  • Blue Marlin – This species can be found off the coast of Quepos, Costa Rica, all year, but they are most abundant between April and June and also from October to December.
  • Dorado – These fish are plentiful off the shores of Costa Rica throughout the year. They tend to reach their highest numbers in the months of October through March.
  • Sailfish – One of the fastest fish in the entire ocean, Sailfish are most abundant from December to May.
  • Wahoo – Although they can be found all year off the coast of Costa Rica, they are not an abundant species of fish so there is no prime season for Wahoo fishing.
  • Yellow Fin Tuna – Many fishing expeditions in Costa Rica target this large species because there is no peak season for catching them, they can be caught all year.

Inshore Fishing

  • Roosterfish – This species is one of the most common targets for inshore fishing because of they are plentiful throughout the year. The peak season for this fish tends to run between July and September, however.
  • Snapper – There are a number of species of Snapper that are commonly found off the coast of Costa Rica. The prime time of the year for catching any of the varieties of Snapper is July through December.

With a little research and planning, you can arrange exciting Costa Rica inshore and offshore fishing trips with Chaser Sport Fishing. No matter what your skill level or the type of fish you want to target, you’re sure to create a memorable adventure on your Costa Rica vacation. Call 011-506-8710-2888 or fill out our simple contact form online to learn more about the inshore and offshore fishing packages available at Chaser Sport Fishing.