Experience World Class Costa Rica Travel Adventures

The beautiful country of Costa Rica is a premier vacation destination. This stunning location attracts travelers from all over the world, especially those interested in seeing the rich beauty of nature up close.

Jungles, Mountains, Oceans, and Beaches

Many of the most popular Costa Rica travel packages include opportunities to explore the country's many natural wonders. You can center your travel plans around these pursuits or make them just a part of your vacation schedule:

  • Dolphin and whale watching. These elegant creatures are frequently found in Costa Rica’s tropical waters. This thrilling opportunity is perfect for families.

  • Coastline evening cruises. Watch ocean sunsets illuminate the pristine jungles of Manuel Antonio Park and beyond. This is a popular honeymoon excursion and gets you back on land in time to experience the nightlife.

  • Multi-day sailing trips. Travel south from the Costa Rica to Panama and the Hannibal Bank or view rainforest volcanoes.

  • Cocos Islands. Explore these hidden island jewels on guided one-day trips.

  • Bird watching and sport fishing. Costa Rica is known as a world-class birdwatching destination and is the home to numerous international sport fishing tournaments.

Trips to Fit Your Schedule

You can work with a guide to create your very own Costa Rica itinerary. Costa Rica travel agents can help you map out the natural sights you’re most interested in. Just let your guide know how much time you want to spend and they’ll help you create the perfect Costa Rica travel adventure.