Basic Guide to Rooster Fishing in Costa Rica

Although Costa Rica is widely known for its amazing offshore fishing, it also has spectacular inshore fishing too! Rooster fishing in Costa Rica is incredibly popular among anglers who prefer inland fishing. One of the most exciting and targeted inshore fish in Costa Rica, roosterfish are part of the jack family. They average between 15 and 20 pounds, but fish weighing up to 40 pounds are very common. Roosterfish are a very intelligent species, which can make them an enjoyable challenge for sport fishermen.

Where’s the Best Location to Find Roosterfish?

There are several places you can go for rooster fishing in Costa Rica. This species is common up and down the Pacific coast. The best spots for finding roosterfish are north around the Bat Islands, near Matapalo Rock, along Drake Bay and throughout the Quepos area. Although less common, roosterfish can also be found in the area around the Catalina Islands.

When is the Peak Season for Rooster fishing?

Roosterfish are a territorial species, not a migratory one so there’s not one time of year that’s better to find them than another. They are such popular targets because they’re abundant throughout the year. From July through September, their numbers tend to be at their highest. If you’re planning to go rooster fishing in Costa Rica, you can schedule your trip around your schedule, not around when the fish are in season.

Whether you go inshore or offshore fishing in Costa Rica, or both, you’re sure to find a diverse population of fish to challenge your skills!