Basic Guide to Tarpon Fishing in Costa Rica

One of the most common types of fish found in Costa Rica, the tarpon is a bright silver species of fish that is also referred to as the “silver king.” Most tarpon weigh anywhere from about 40 to 100 pounds, but they can grow up to eight feet long and can weigh more than 200 pounds. Due to their size and strength, tarpon fishing in Costa Rica can be an exciting and challenging experience for anglers of all skill levels.

Where’s the Best Location for Tarpon Fishing?

The best places to find tarpon are along the Caribbean coast and to the north along the Nicaraguan border. Most of the tarpon fishing in Costa Rica is inland in the rivers and lakes. They’re most often seen and caught in the Parismina River and Tortuguero Canals on the eastern coast, as well as to the north in Barra del Colorado and Caño Negro.

When’s the Peak Season?

Like most of the fish species in Costa Rica, tarpon can be readily found throughout the year. The number of tarpon in and around the area tends to peak from about May through October, however. More important than the season when it comes to tarpon fishing in Costa Rica is the weather. It’s less common to find tarpon when it’s raining or the weather conditions are otherwise not ideal.

Their regular availability and plentiful numbers have made tarpon a popular game fish for sport fishermen who visit Costa Rica. Anglers from all over the world enjoy the challenge of reeling in one of these strong, agile “kings”!