Wildlife of Costa Rica

Wildlife of Costa RicaCosta Rica is a sport fishing destination for anglers throughout the world, but the country also offers an abundance of wildlife for nature enthusiasts, as well. Natural resources abound in Costa Rica, making it home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna that are unique to the country. In fact, no other country in the world has such variety of wildlife in such a small area. The reason for this is the country's diverse geography, created nearly three million years ago when Costa Rica rose from the sea to form a land bridge that connected North and South America. As species from these two continents started to intermingle, new and unique species arose, which exist only in Costa Rica. The wildlife of Costa Rica is truly breathtaking, and can be experienced with a variety of tour packages offered by Chaser Sport Fishing.

From mammals, birds and turtles to snakes, frogs and insects, the wildlife of Costa Rica is rich and diverse, and can't be found anywhere else in the world. Over 1,000 butterfly species and 8,000 moth species are native to Costa Rica, including the banded peacock, glasswing, zebra longwing, Morpho butterfly, and Doxocopa laure, which can be seen all year round. In addition, visitors can catch a glimpse of the rare poison dart frog, smoky jungle frog, and red-eyed tree frog in their natural habitat. And of the seven species of sea turtles on the planet, five build nests on the shores of Costa Rica. Add to this the more than 250 species of mammals, including the mantled howler monkey and white-nosed coati, and rare bird species, such as the kingfisher and scarlet macaw, that thrive here, and you'll understand why Costa Rica is a nature enthusiast's paradise!

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