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The last few years offshore Marlin fishing at the FADS has exploded, with a FAD at only (60 miles offshore) a one-day Marlin trip to the Sea Mounts is now available as well as a 2 to 4-day Marlin trip that will take you 60 to 130 miles offshore with Chaser Sportfishing. We highly recommend 2 or more days. Our usual day trip leaves late afternoon and travels overnight to the FAD's and arrives early morning at 5:00 am to fish a Full Day raising incredible numbers of Marlin in the waters of Costa Rica's central Pacific. The multi day trips consist of overnights with customized accommodations for sleeping, meals, beverages, and relaxation aboard after a memorable day raising and releasing Marlin. Our experienced captain and crew implement a number of trolling tactics to raise Marlin we will employing dredges, teasers and custom lures, bait and switch, and live baiting with small yellow fin tuna and bonito caught right at the FAD. The Sea Mount fishing trip is beyond your wildest expectations for an incredible trip with record numbers (20+) Marlin raised in a single day. June 2017 Chaser released 42 marlin 2 sails and 2 long bill spear fish in 3 days fishing. Best marlin fishing in the world. Book the trip you will never forget and be talking about for years to come. With Chaser Sportfishing, Sea Mount fishing is great year-round, with the peak time June to December, so contact Chaser Sport fishing now to reserve the trip of a lifetime in Costa Rica!

Fish The "Chaser" 60ft Viking 3 bedroom 3 bath luxury yacht or

The "Sportsman" 46ft custom

Marlin hooked up

Sea Mount Fishing

Although there are many varieties of fish that make their home off the coast of Costa Rica and can be targeted all year round; the most popular species that are raised on a Sea Mount Trip in Costa Rica are: Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Stripe Marlin and Sail Fish. There are also Dorado raised at times on an offshore Sea Mount trip.