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Our BEST day in Costa Rica! We took our family from England on a grand adventure. We caught three Sail Fish, 110, 130 and 150 pounds...but what we didn't realize was we were going to "Sea World" as well. We saw flying fish, whales, and over 300 Spinner Dolphins. Our brothers who are 14 and 16 years old were not bored and said it was one of the best days of their lives! Dale and Candyce and crew are fabulous and so accommodating! This is a once in a lifetime experience, you just have to do it!

Tuplin Family


Fishing Quepos

John and Jonathan provided us with an epic inshore adventure! Four quality rooster-fish to 65 lbs. I have never experienced such a expert crew. We were really impressed with Capt. John's ability to put right on the fish. We cannot wait to come and fish with you guys again next year!

Pura Vida,
Jim and Meredith O'Leary

For four old grandfolks we had a ball with Dan and Steven. Late January we caught 5 sailfish and one 400 pound black marlin. The guys were fantastic, the owners amazing and it was a thrill of a lifetime. Wish I lived there -- even at this old age it could become additive. Happy fishing!

Jody Jackson

Thanks Dale! Great 3 day trip. The weather, the backdrop, the boat and the crew were all great. The billfishing was memorable. Catch the sail - Tell the tale - Drink the Costa Rican ale!!!

Roel Carandang

Thanks for a great fishing trip. Seven sails and a dorado made for a great time. Danny, Jorge, and Coco went above and beyond to make our trip one of the best.

Brent & Vickie Corbett

Thanks Dale ! You have me totally addicted to taking billfish of the fly. Eight sails and a nice blue marlin on my last trip. Looking forward to coming back in December. You guys are the best !


Grandioso, tube un excelente dia de pesca y la mejor experiencia que uno puede disfrutar en el area, gracia por su buen servicio definitivamente volvere.

Cesar Rios

I’ve fished with Dale a number of times over the past three years and have never been disappointed. He’s a knowledgeable captain who maintains his three boats, has excellent gear, good mates, provides a unique lunch, and knows how to catch big bluewater fish.

Thomas H. Held, Ed.S
Maryland, USA

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